We started The Health Finds in April 2022 and our primary focus is to make delicious food that’s healthy, suits your allergen needs and fits your ketogenic diet. The idea originated when we found so many tasty foods but couldn’t have it because of our own allergies and so we wanted to have a place where anyone can find healthy food recipes that does not compromise on the taste, all while keeping your dietary restrictions and allergens in check. In today’s world, processed food and everything junk can be so tempting, especially when you’re on a diet or allergic to certain foods. To lessen the suffering, we’ve developed recipes that are healthy alternatives to the traditional ones where you don’t have to worry about the nutritional values because every single recipe on The Health Finds has been carefully formulated to meet your healthy needs.

Meet Aamir & Muna

Aamir & Muna are the co-founders of The Health Finds. Aamir is the architect behind the website design who has put his exceptional skills to engineer the website for the ideal layout and choicest navigation structure. Muna is the author and the recipe developer for all the deliciousness you see on The Health Finds. The journey started when they decided to start keto to get rid of their allergies and have an overall better quality of life. That’s when they realised that healthy food is not always easily available and decided to re-invent traditional recipes that could be enjoyed even on a ketogenic diet without them having to worry about the consequences. Together, they’ve founded The Health Finds, each contributing to make a community of healthy cliques who are hungry for Allergen & Keto-friendly recipes.